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By Gillian Dugmore It’s just a lump of flesh…..a pump that beats prenatally: and through your life, with all its strife it beats on constantly, just the size of a fist… let me give you a list of the vital essence of your very presence. like teeth, it can ache like glass, it can break like a card, it can cheat like a drum, it will beat. a fool will lose it or maybe abuse it. you can even arrange it if you can change it. worn on your sleeve to love, or to grieve; it can be in your mouth when in shock or in doubt. you may have been told that you have one of gold. or perhaps it’s of oak, or of stone. what is this possession, and what is its role? it’s your Heart, mortal partner of your immortal Soul.



On the 1st December 2017 a Youth movement

called “Youth in Transition” was launched. This

Movement is to develop and establish a way

forward, where Youth will be enlightened in the

community in order to live out the vision,

IMPACT (Influencing My Peers As a Community


For any Youth interested and would like to know

more about this movement, we encourage you to

join our sessions as dated on our Facebook


Thank you to the 27 Youth members who

attended the first session.

We are excited for the transformation which is to

take place in 2018!


Our December Beach Program at Suiderkruis

Beach included a total number of 186

participants for the week (11-15 December), with

20 Volunteers (Youth Cafe Staff, Child Welfare,

The Saints & Local Community Members).

The programme included Life Skills sessions

from various organisations, namely Aumario

Wesso (Life Guard); Poppa Kas and the SPCA.

There were 12 stations of beach activities which

participants competed in and Tournaments took

place with 3 winning teams for each Sport

(Soccer, Volley Ball & Touchies). The week

ended off on the Friday with a Fun walk which

took place from the Youth Cafe to the Suiderkruis

Beach, assisted by the Traffic Department.

Thank you to all who contributed and

volunteered in making the week a huge success!


The Youth Café is excited about their 1st Edition

Newsletter. This newsletter introduces new

programmes as well as the progress made thus

far at the GBR Youth Cafe.

If you have not received a newsletter or would

like an electronic version, pop by the Youth Cafe

or contact Jenaide Chippe on 079 444 7004 or

To keep an eye out for Programs or any activities

taking place at the Youth Café, we encourage all

to follow our social media platforms as seen


Die Ageless Grace-program –

Timeless Fitness for Body and


Deur Annlerie van Rooyen Hierdie program is gebaseer op neuroplastisiteit, of die vermoë van die brein en senustelsel om van vorm en funksie te verander, veral as dit deur spesifieke oefeninge soos dié van Ageless Grace gestimuleer word. Ons is dus nooit te oud om te leer nie omdat ons breine lewenslank kan ontwikkel en verander! Ou breinpaadjies word in die proses weer geopen, bestaande breinpaadjies onderhou en nuwes gevorm. Al die oefeninge word in ’n stoel gedoen en elkeen fokus op verskillende tegnieke om veroudering teen te werk. Die meeste van die vaardighede wat ons nodig het om lewenslank gesond te bly, is in die kern van die liggaam – heupfleksors, buigsaamheid van die rug, beweeglikheid van die kop, nek en skouers en baie van die vaardighede wat ons nodig het vir balans. Die heel beste manier om die kern te oefen, is om te sit. At the same time organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen are exercised and this in turn stimulates the systems for which they are responsible such as the cardiovascular, breathing, digestive and lymphatic systems. Sitting also means that just about anyone of all ages and abilities can participate – those in wheelchairs, with other physical limitations, weight issues, dislexia or even dementia/Alzheimers. Every person just does what he or she can. Aimed at people over 50 (although anyone can participate and kids love it too), the 21 different tools or exercises are done to lively upbeat music.


Nilla Bruno hails from Italy, together with her neighbour Andre Oosthuizen, who handles the technical department, they have grown this great marrow right here in Great Brak. Nilla will be 90 years old in April, she has brought in these Zucchini seeds from the Ligeria region in Italy, this Trombette (trumpet) variety, normally harvested at 20 cm, came in at 1,4 meters, weighing 7.5 kg, it will be dried and used for seed. The team grow a number of other vegetables, I was shown a giant sized tomato, firm and fleshy. Nilla enjoys her cooking, Italian style, and loves sharing food and recipes with neighbours and friends, happy birthday for April Nilla!

21 DEC 2017


Long Street


Wikus de Swardt and his team at our local Spar have been acknowledged by the Spar Group with 3 prestigious awards. Over the past 3 years they have qualified for the “Ladder of Success” (LOS) prizes. The LOS prize is a reflection of their growth, commitment to quality, health and safety as well as their involvement in the community during 2017. The store’s Fresh Department was also recognised as one of the top 5 stores in the Western Cape (WC), for this they received the “Excellence in Fresh Award”. Finally Wikus himself was the winning recipient of the WC “Young Achiever Award 2017” given to one Spar retailer under the age of 35 whose store (‘s) have excelled in performance, teamwork and overall success. It’s no wonder; we have been privy to this success by a great shopping experience. The recent store expansion adding 700 square meters of space, 550 to the trading area and 150 to storage, the Tops division has been doubled in size. You may have noticed, there’s less congestion, the isles are wider. The Beantree Coffee Shop, a full coffee offering, has been a very welcome and noticeable addition to many of us coffee junkies. Well done to the De Swardt Family and their team. They are all keenly focussed on all round success and we wish them well for 2018 and beyond.

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