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Although this region has been blessed with good rainfall, a few years ago we experienced drought conditions, which should always remind us that we live in a water scarce country and that every drop counts. Here are some useful tips for the usage of grey water: BUCKET LIST If it's the last thing you do, use a bucket for every shower. And every running tap. The saved grey water could be a lifesaver for your garden. And while we’re talking must do’s, make sure you’re a glass-half-full kind of person for your daily shave, face wash and dental hygiene routines. It’s all you really need to get by with a million-dollar smile. If you’re going hands-on with your efforts to save water, use hand sanitisers and biodegradable wet wipes instead of opening any taps. KEEPING IT GREEN STARTS WITH GREY Garden use is a critical component of domestic water consumption, contributing to an estimated 31% to 50% of total household water use. By cutting typical water consumption and using grey water to irrigate your green spaces, you can make a serious impact on water reduction and still save some of your garden. GOING GREY Grey water very simply refers to recycled bath, shower, hand-basin and laundry water. Since it contains small amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus, as potential sources of plant nutrients, collecting and using grey water is well worth the effort. Sometimes its soapy nature can even tell pests where to get off. GREY AREAS – WHERE TO USE THE WATER A grey water system can be as simple as using a bucket and your own muscle hustle to transport recycled water from source to soil, or as sophisticated as a state-of-the-art commercial grey water set-up, to do it all. Your budget, time constraints and physical capacity help you make that call. A professionally installed grey water system connects the grey water to the outlet pipes of the bathroom where that water is collected or stored. BRIGHT IDEAS FOR GREY WATER Use your grey water wisely. Some of your plants such as olives, rosemary, bougainvillea, lavender, Cape honeysuckle, Italian cypress, bearded iris and petunias, love the grey water. It’s their thing. When it comes to azaleas, begonias, gardenias, hibiscus, camellias, ferns, fynbos and proteas, it's best to keep them away from the grey. Keep in mind with grey water irrigation, you should shift your distribution points frequently so as not to concentrate the grey water in one specific area. RED FLAGS ABOUT GREY WATER Your garden loves the attention, but using greywater to irrigate it comes with hygiene considerations. The water is not fresh, so to neutralise the threat of bacteria and odours, you need to be vigilant. As much as possible, try to use non-toxic cleaning agents and biodegradable products. Grey water from the toilet, kitchen sink or water that's been used to clean nappies, is definitely not fit for your garden. When using grey water, aim to avoid any pooling on the soil surface as it may attract mosquitoes. In a perfect world, make use of the grey water within a 24- hour period. Remember Every Drop Counts – Be a H²O Hero Article courtesy: https://www.makro.co.za/everdropcounts waterproductionpage-  

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