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by Marianne Alberts Whilst strolling through Long Street, the main road of Great Brak River, on a Saturday afternoon, I cannot help to ask the question, “Are the businesses of Great Brak River and immediate surroundings ready for the influx of holiday makers?” For us as locals, this is the season when all the visitors are arriving to share in our beautiful part of the world. They have been waiting in anticipation for this short stint in the year to take a breather from all the stresses up North and have been saving every dime to bring their whole family along. How can we ensure that they have a pleasant experience in our town, at our businesses and especially in our restaurants? No need to run Specials over this period to draw customers. They will be here, but what is on offer? Let’s look at the Four P’s: Product, Place, Price and Promotion, the classic marketing tools.  The “Marketing Mix” relates to the emphasis a business places on each of the Four P’s.  Varying one can have a direct impact on sales and profits.  PRODUCT – You might think the product is your food.  That’s part, but not all.  The restaurant’s product is the bundle of goods and services.  This includes the appearance of the food, how it is served, the support (waiters, counter people, hostess, cashier), parking, lighting, music, tables and chairs, restrooms, decor, hours of operation, AND MORE. PRICE – This is how much you charge for your product.  Price considerations include charging the same price all the time or varying it in some way.  Pricing can vary by time (Happy Hour, Early Bird, Tuesday Night Special, Lunch Special), volume (buy 1, get 50% off), and the level of service (take away specials). What do you need to do?  Price is an effective tool.  Customers respond to value.  The relationship of the price to the quality is part of the value.  PROMOTION - Great restaurants don’t just train when they hire someone new; they make training a priority and a constant process. The fastest way to grow your sales is to grow your people. Developing a training plan for your team not only ensures your guests are happy, but also ensures your team stays happy. Most restaurants struggle with attracting and retaining staff. One way to stand out in your recruiting efforts is to offer a comprehensive, multi-level training program that offers increased compensation with increased knowledge and skills development. PLACE – This is where and how you deliver your “product”.  This can be the restaurant, delivery, internet orders, telephone orders, from a cart/kiosk, a mobile truck, or catering. Take a moment and evaluate your business keeping in mind the 4 P’s:

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