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Deur Jean du Plessis Avoid the “mad rush” before going on holiday; it is usually in this state of mind that we forget the important things.  One thing often overlooked, is to make provision for our special four-legged family members.  Here are a few things to remind us to take proper care of our pets this festive season. FIREWORKS – Our pets don’t share our love and enthusiasm for fireworks and crackers, the majority of animals are absolutely terrified by any loud noises associated with the festive season.  Despite numerous appeals from the pet- loving public and our municipality to have private firework use banned, unfortunately it still continues.  To help our pets it is important to keep them in a familiar environment.  Close curtains to reduce the visual effect of the fireworks, especially at the time of New Years’ celebrations.  Use background noise, like playing music or turn on the TV wherever they find refuge, allow them to hide away if they want to.  There are anxiety medications available for more severe cases.  The best time to medicate is usually 5 days prior to an event.  It is always good to discuss the issue of noise / fireworks related anxiety with your vet in order to get the optimal treatment or prevention for such situations. VACCINATIONS – Many of us go on holiday and plan to put our pets in the capable care of a local kennel or cattery.  Book your place well in advance, avoid the last minute panic and possible disappointment.  Responsible kennels will only kennelling animals with current vaccinations.  This is to protect the other animals, as well as protecting your own pet from numerous contagious diseases associated with kennelling.  Have your pets vaccinated at least a week before taking them to the kennels, it takes about a week to develop adequate immunity after vaccination.  Book with your vet sooner rather than later. CHOCOLATES – Unfortunately dogs and chocolate do not make for a healthy combination, chocolate contains theobromine.  This can cause all sorts of problems, including vomiting, diarrhoea, heart problems, neurological symptoms like seizures and even death.  It is best to avoid this altogether.  Remember, some dogs will help themselves to the delicatessen on the table given the opportunity, best keep food out of reach to avoid temptation! HOT CARS – With summer comes warmer weather, combining this with cars and animals can be disastrous.  The temperature inside cars can rises quickly well above the outdoor temperature, dogs have poor heat regulation, so it takes no time at all for them to develop heat stroke when left inside a car.  This is a VERY SERIOUS condition, the SPCA has highlighted that people can be prosecuted if found guilty of such practice.  Avoid leaving your dog in a car altogether, regardless of how short a time it might be! With that said, we hope that you have a wonderful time with ALL your family members during the coming festive season.

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