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A Great Brak River and Surrounds Community Newspaper

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By Mike Ehrman Your mail is handled by a very competent and dedicated team. We would like to introduce them to you, so that next time when  you are at the Post Office (PO) you might just know a little bit more about them. Meet Branch Manager, Zakes Stemelo; Teller, Reference Kefers; Postman Richard Wesso and Postlady Ronel Gelderbloem. Elna Mowers, the other teller is currently gaining experience at the George Area Office. Believe it or not, but our Great Brak River PO handles about 30 000 letters and 300 parcels each month. They arrive by truck from the George Hub. Parcels and letters are sorted for delivery and  collection at the post boxes. There are 3 street delivery runs, each route is between 10 and 15 km long. This back-end is handled by our two postmen and delivery routes are done daily come rain or shine – it’s a case of the show must go on! Zakes, born in Beaufort West and raised in Queenstown is a man on the move. He arrived in Mossel Bay having completed a diploma in Cost Management in 1994, and after working for a number of companies, joined the Heiderand PO in 2010. From here he was posted to a number of Southern Cape branches gaining valuable experience on the way. His appointment as Branch Manager of the Pacaltsdorp PO was a highlight and this year he joined our PO as Branch Manager. His focus is on internal systems and most importantly customer service and satisfaction. When away from work he is dedicated to his family, his wife and their 2 children. He is a Deacon in his church and his other passion is listening to music, gospel music in particular. Reference has been with the PO for 12 years, arriving at the Great Brak PO in 2006. She grew up in the Mossel Bay area and now lives in Great Brak. She enjoys reading and listening to good music - jazz. Her aim is to get out and about regularly and heads for the city lights of Cape Town, or Oudtshoorn the place to be when it’s the countryside she is after. Her job brings her into contact with people, the part she thrives on, is courteously converting a difficult agitated client into a satisfied and appreciative one. This type of customer becomes a friend for life. Richard has been with our PO for 7 years, he is committed to getting your mail to you. Born and raised in Great Brak, for him it is the town’s folk that have changed, not the town so much. He is heavily involved with his community, as he says, “I feel I belong to the community”, so he loves the public domain. Married with 3 children, all girls, has kept him busy, any free time he does get he spends listening to all kinds of music and hanging out with friends. Ronel has been with the PO for 14 years, she was raised on a local farm Groot Sorgfontein, where her folks worked. Now married with 3 boys, for her a woman’s work is never done, but when she does have time for herself she spends it at her church. For Ronel dogs are the challenge, they can be very vicious, the bike on the other hand, with one gear, back pedal brakes and the big basket, is a breeze.  We would like to thank the team for their friendly service to our community.

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